Country Gardens Assisted Living Resident Spotlight, Wayne Osborn

Resident Spotlight: Wayne Osburn

When Wayne Osburn began his search for a new address, his daughter encouraged him to move to what she said was “the best place in town.” Wayne’s home had flooded, and he originally moved to another senior living community, but soon moved out and chose to live at Country Gardens until his home was rebuilt. “After I moved in here,” Wayne said, “I decided I loved it so much I didn’t want to rebuild my home anymore because this was my new home, and it only took one day to realize that.”

“They Would Do Anything for Me.”

He’s lived at our community over a year now. Asked what he enjoys the most, Wayne said, “The people mostly. The employees and residents are like family to me now. I know every single one of them would do anything I asked. I enjoy the food every day. My apartment is beautiful, and they keep everything clean for me.”

The resident lived in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma for about 60 years until his home flooded. Now retired, Wayne worked for Dolly Madison Cakes for 40 years as a supervisor. Before that, Wayne was in the military.

Favorite Hobbies

Friends would describe Wayne as soft-hearted and a family man. His hobbies include gardening and woodworking. He said, “I enjoyed being married and raising my kids, but now I enjoy seeing how well my girls have turned out. They are both teachers. They come to visit me a lot, and they love me living here because they know I’m happy and well taken care of.”

What Would You Like the World to Know About You?

“I want the world to know I’m happy and I’ve lived a good life,” Wayne said. “Cherish the ones you love because they might not be here as long as you. I’m most proud of my daughters who are teachers and my amazing wife who is no longer with me, but we built a great life together.”

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