Country Gardens Resident Testimonial, Jane Lynch

Resident Spotlight: Jean Lynch

Carefree living means a lot to Jean Lynch. That was one of the biggest reasons why she chose to become a Country Gardens resident. Now, she benefits from daily assistance and enjoys the family feel of our community – plus delicious dining with no need to do the dishes!

Jean’s story is unique, but the reasons she chose Country Gardens are shared by many of our active, engaging residents. Read on to learn more about her background and get a better picture of what our community can bring to your life.

A Life Full of Love

Jean Lynch’s life is defined by the people she holds dear – like friends and family, and especially her grandchildren. Proud parent to two sons and two grandkids, she did her best to instill in them a respect for all people. While she’s not sure how her loved ones would define her, Jean hopes they’d call her active, happy and confident.

An Arkansas native, Jean’s love for travel and desire to be close to her family lead to her living in a few different places. While her husband was in the military, she lived in Virginia. After her husband passed away, Jean moved to Oklahoma.

Ultimately, Jean wants to be known as a loving, kind mother, an animal lover and an ardent supporter of friends and good causes. And what’s the most important lesson she learned in her life? “Spend wisely and save for the future.”

Convenience Meets Comfort

What made Jean feel at home when she chose Country Gardens? It all comes down to the friendliness of the folks who live and work here. We’re a close-knit community that places a premium on truly getting to know each resident – their history, preferences and unique health considerations.

We’re driven to help each resident live the best life they can. That’s why we provide services that free our residents from everyday hassles like cooking and laundry and provide 24-hour nursing care to meet their health needs.

To learn more about how you can become a part of our community, contact us online or call 918-686-8100.